Kaytumadi Company

Kaytumadi Company

Full Description

Kaytumadi company limited initially established in 1991. We are one of the leading company in Myanmar and also one of the biggest exporter of pulses and beans.

Since from foundation of our company, we have established, stable and long-term trade relationship with many domestic and foreign companies. We always attempt to be creditable, particle honest, competitive price, superior quality and careful of timely delivery.

 Our Products :
» Trading ( Export & Import )
» Hotel / Tourism
» Services
» Farming

 Kaytumadi Limited’s Subsidiary and Affiliated Companies :-
» Co-operative Bank (CB Bank) Limited.
» Central Society Limited.
» Kaung Myanmar Aung (KMA) Shipping Company Limited.
» Kaytumadi Hotel Limited.
» Petro Kaytumadi Limited.
» Kaytumadi Services Limited.
» Htet Arkar Kyaw Farming & General Trading Co-operative Syndicate Limited.
» Nann Kay Tu General Economic Co-op Limited.
» Myanmar Total Solution Limited.
» Royal Myanmar Investment Limited.
» Royal Myanmar Industry Limited.
» Myanmar Commercial Limited.

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