Thailand / Myanmar border crossing at Mae Sai / Tachilek

Thailand / Myanmar border crossing at Mae Sai / Tachilek

The Thailand / Myanmar border crossing at Mae Sai / Tachilek is the northern most point of Thailand and provides entry into the Shan State of eastern Myanmar. Mae Sai / Tachilek is a popular destination for residents of Thailand’s north, especially for long-term foreign residents, or tourists needing to gain an extension to the time they are able to stay in Thailand.

Leaving Chiang Mai by bus at 9am in the morning it is possible to reach the Thailand / Myanmar border at Mae Sai / Tachilek by lunch time, and be back in Chiang Mai with a newly activated Thailand entry stamp in time for a late nights dinner, providing only a couple of hours is spent wandering the labyrinth of street stall that comprise the Tachilek market.


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