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Searching for budget hotels and low cost tours in Myanmar ? Backpacking trips, and itinerary free travel ? Best guide Myanmar tours and travels co., LTD is here to help. If  you are looking for budget travel in Myanmar, email us for advice.

For the past 20 years Best Guide Myanmar tours and travel have been providing budget tour and travel services for tourism in Myanmar.  Send us your Burma travel question, or tour requests for your trip.

Best Guide Myanmar is located downtown Yangon, in Kyauktada township. We are a Myanmar and foreign managed travel agency. We are now pleased to offer clean and recently built budget rooms downtown Yangon starting at 15 usd per night.  Best Guide Myanmar tours and travel is one of the few budget orientated travel services in Myanmar co-run by a foreigner.  We understand your requests and needs and are your best guide in Myanmar.

Myanmar is a relatively ’new’ travel destination.  It is only just now attempting to meet the demand from foreign tourists coming here.  Many times people visiting Myanmar find themselves looking for a room at the last minute, or not able to find solid, and dependable travel information or visa information and decide not to visit.  What they are not told is that Myanmar is a very safe, and very tourist friendly country.  There are hotels and guest houses opening all over the country at a very quick pace.

Major media channels have marred the image of Myanmar, and constantly mention very out dated and sometimes extremely inaccurate or biased reports.  Yes, there are some areas which you are not permitted to travel yet, but not always for reasons of safety.  The people of Myanmar have kept their traditions and way of life, despite many countries adapting to a globalized, money-centric, fast paced life.  Yes it is changing, and in the major cities of Yangon, and Mandalay, you will find a growing number of Burmese people driving European cars, and living in high-rise luxury condominiums.

The true beauty of Myanmar is in her culture.  The years that kept globalized influence out of Myanmar, have some benefit.  It is the main reason for many travelers worldwide visiting Myanmar.  Currently Asian tourists are the largest percentage of visitors. Guided Buddhist pilgrimages  are very common here, as the famous tooth relic and hair strands relic pagodas are situated here.  Bagan is a major spiritual center for Buddhists, and increasing becoming an architectural and cultural point for tourism.

The unique culture and great variety in climates, traditions, peoples of Myanmar are very attractive to foreigners.

Best Guide Myanmar tours and travel is a proud member of Union of Myanmar Travel association UMTA



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