Golden Brown Coffee Co. Ltd.

Golden Brown Coffee offers all sorts of coffee equipment for domestic and commercial purpose.

Golden Brown Coffee Co. Ltd.

Full Description

Golden Brown Coffee is set on offering the highest quality products, the best prices, and the best customer service, in Myanmar period. These values are the very foundation Golden Brown Coffee is built on and that foundation rests entirely upon the shoulders of our team who are constantly looking to improve our customers’ experience.

They are a hardworking group of coffee experts that truly provide an authentic connection and appreciation for the baristas, home brewers and cafe owners that share their passion for the craft. From restaurants and hotels to your home, Golden Brown Coffee hopes to give you nothing but the best.

Official Sole distributor in Myanmar for well established coffee brand like Catunambu coffee, Eureka, Gaggia, Gene Cafe, Nemox, Nivona, Saeco and Yama Glass. These brand are selected for its long history of reliability and dedication to their trade. We also distribute our own house blend of roasted coffee sourced from various part of Myanmar. Our roaster makes sure the coffee beans are roasted to perfection.

Other than our professional range of equipment we also distribute home use coffee machines, grinders and roasters so that every coffee enthusiast can experience the joy of making coffee. We also help the customers find the most suitable product befitting them. From restaurants and hotels to your home, we hope to give you nothing but the best from Golden Brown Coffee.


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Golden Brown Coffee offers the best quality products to enrich your coffee tasting experience. To know more visit

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